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Friday, 9 March 2012

Disco Kitsch

 Hey hey hey. so this is my evening gown project that i just finished the gown today :D FINALLY!
I got inspired from a building called 'the Palladium: The Immaterial Building' and material girl, its more to  80s fashion style, and my fashion icon is Madonna, famous as the material girl. I called my collection 'Disco Kitsch'.

This is some info about the inspiration if u wanna read :)

The Palladium: Immaterial Building
Its space is naturally built and affected by forms and their material composition as in a usual traditional building. Neverthless, there greatly lose their importance in a disco space, and, instead, momentarily passing lights, sounds and visionary images come to the fore. Although lighting, video and music are elements of an architectural space, they come to play the main roles in a discotheque. Each of these elements is the material and media of a new type brought forth buy the technology of this age. Id it is confirmed that space can be transformed by such elements, it will be quite a rare case in the sphere of contemporary architecture where a field of experiment has been lost. Above all, in a discotheque, such technologies pour over the whole body of a person like a shower and stimulate all the senses. It is as if hidden desire is evoked. Rather it would be better to say that a shower of technologies gives birth to successive desires. It was going to be the most sophisticated club in New York!

 These are my final 3 drawings. Im using 2 fabrics, 1 with the sequins and 1 without the sequins. I overlay some parts to make it looks more fancy.
 This is the one that i made. Love the fabrics! I changed the design a bit on the skirt part, but anyways i love it :D

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