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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

black and gold

Im wearing black studded blouse and gold printed skirt from Zara. It was for a photo shoot for my diploma graduation, yay cant wait! ill post my collections soon. perhaps there r some pics of my collections on instagram ( @yovaniturner). we decided to wear black and gold for the group photo shoot, we were bout to choose red black and white, but it is too common, so we ended up to wear black and gold. not bad :D .. So yeah this was my outfits! :)

pair these with my nave blue chanel vintage bag that i bought recently in Hongkong. love the chains, there r 2 ways of carrying it


  1. WOW! The blouse looks amazing. Especially the golden details turn it into an eye catcher! The bag is my favorite! XOXO
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  2. Your Chanel bag is stunning !!

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